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Our next grant cycle is Summer 2024. Applications are due June 30, 2024.

Our applications are available as an easy online form or as a downloadable PDF.  Find more instructions and details below.

Standard Grants

Books for STL Kids invites organizations and programs that have a strong literacy component to apply for grants to purchase brand-new books from the First Book Marketplace to help the children they serve build their personal libraries and inspire a love of reading. If your program is interested in books for a specific event or if your program needs fewer than 600 books, we encourage you to consider applying for our micro- or event grants. Event-based programs will not be considered for this grant application.


Standard Applications are accepted on two cycles ending on June 30 and December 30 each year.


Micro-Grants are intended for programs and organizations requesting fewer than 600 books. Books will be provided from Books for STL Kids inventory, or on occasion, with a small monetary grant to be used in the First Book Marketplace when funds are available.


Micro-Grant Applications are accepted on two cycles ending on June 30 and December 30 each year.

Event Grants

Event grants are intended for programs and organizations requesting books to be distributed at one-time events. Books will be provided from Books for STL Kids inventory. Recipient groups can specify number of books and age ranges for books but will not be able to select books. Books will be high-quality, brand-new books from Books for STL Kids inventory, and recipient groups must arrange to pick up books. Books for STL Kids board members hope to volunteer for the event, if we are available, to further understand the impact of our grant award.


Event grants are evaluated on a rolling basis. Applications must be received at least 30 days before event date and will be evaluated and awarded within 5-10 business days of receipt. Please submit different applications for multiple events. 

About Our Grants

Unlike any other nonprofit organization that gives books, Books for STL Kids provides only new books as we believe every child should have their own book and feel the magic of book ownership.

Our distribution method is unique. Twice a year, we provide book grants to qualifying organizations that serve low-income children in the Greater St. Louis area. These recipient groups are awarded book credits to purchase books on the First Book Marketplace at 50-90% off retail prices. The groups are able to select the titles and quantities that best fit the children they serve. These books are then shipped directly to the organization. All books given go home with the children so they can start a library of their own at home.


All grants may be easily filled out online. We also have a PDF if you'd prefer to print it out, write in your answers, scan or photograph, and email back to

Note:  A First Book ID# is needed in order to apply for the standard or micro-grant.  Obtaining a First Book ID is easy and free to register. You can apply here.


If you are awarded a financial book grant, this is the site where your funds will be placed; and then you get to choose the titles that best fit the children you serve.

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